Let's talk about the business

C-Zero Inc. was founded on early 2023 as a spin-off from a patented technology from University of Calgary with the support of ICG Fellowship from Alberta innovates.

Our technology can convert any industrial off-gas or flue gas (e.g.,10-20 volume% CO2) into ethylene - which is the most widely used petrochemical in the world. The key competitive advantage of our technology is that it can bypass intermediate steps of incumbent CO2 conversion processes. Our mission is to avoid 1 million tons (Mt) of annual emissions to produce ~0.4 Mt of C2H4 by 2030”

Our Value Proposition

The Problem

Average cost of CO2 capture ~ $ 150/kg

Cost Distribution on Final Product


Direct utilization of low concentration CO2

Cutting the capture cost by half will lead to ten-fold market growth

Our Solution: Ethylene from industrial CO2 emission

Paving the way towards polymeric materials

Ethylene from industrial CO2 emission

Our Team

Shariful Kibria Nabil

5 years of experience in carbon capture and conversion

Dr. Kibria

Assistant Professor
10 years of R&D and cleantech experience, Founding member of CERT Inc. (Carbon XPrize Finalist), co-founder of two start-ups

Neil Camarta

President & CEO, Field Upgrading
Expert in clean upgrading process of heavy oil